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Vent Silencer Solution


Vent Silencer Solution

The Issues: Testing of Turbine Compressor packages prior to being shipped requires the package to be run at full operational mode and capacity.  A 40ft discharge pipe and horizontal vent stack faces away from the testing area, but in the direction of neighboring businesses. A huge amount of air volume discharges at increased velocity, causing increased levels of high octave band frequencies.  These created disturbing noise conditions for neighboring facilities, which caused the customer to be sighted for noise levels above 85 dBA and be charged with a time frame to remedy the problem.

The Requirement: A vent silencer to eliminate the generated noise created by the turbine compressor, as this noise could still be identified by neighboring businesses.

The client required the discharge air and noise to be redirected and somewhat contained, while also reducing the noise level to meet the 85 dBA or below city requirement.

The Design:  We suggested turning the discharge piping and vent silencer downwards towards the ground. An open top, 10 ft. tall, four sided enclosure surrounding the silencer discharge enables the discharged air to vent out 360 degrees without constriction. Solid closed cell foam on the walls of the enclosure forces the displaced air and any leftover noise into the foam, preventing noise from being directed towards any surrounding establishments.

The Solution: After installation, initial versus final tests proved the customer’s requirements were met; discharged air noise was limited to below, and discharge was redirected away from neighboring businesses. 

The customer has been very pleased with the results and the new system is utilized weekly for testing purposes.


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