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Weighted Relief Valves

When you compare our Weighted Relief Valve to similar models in the industry, you will find that dollar-for-dollar you won’t beat our valve’s rugged construction, simple design, and consistent operation.


made_in_usaWe stock our weighted relief valve in 2″, 3″, and 4″ sizes for capacities through 3400 CFM. We couple an elementary design with a high quality anodized and heat-treated aluminum construction to offer reliable performance and simple calibration. Proven design ensures years of reliable service.

Weighted relief valves protect your blower or vacuum pump from over pressurization which will eventually cause mechanical failure. The relief valve is set to open at a predetermined point to protect blowers and vacuum pumps from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits. As the line pressure increases, the relief valve becomes the “path of least resistance” as the weighted cap naturally rises off the valve seat and exposes more vent area to relieve the pressure. Once the pressure is relieved, the cap will automatically repeat itself.




Features include:

  • Pressure valves are available from 1 PSIG through 29 PSIG with a calibrated 0.5 PSIG increment per removable weighted disc;
  • Vacuum valves are available from 2″Hg through 30″Hg with a calibrated 1″Hg increment per removable weighted disc;
  • Anodized aluminum construction for years of trouble-free service;
  • All operating surfaces are machined and the entire valve is heat treated;
  • Retainer ring ensures valve settings are not tampered with;
  • Simple method of opening and closing ensures that the valve is virtually chatter-free;
  • Pressure Models have standard MPT connections;
  • Vaccuum models have standard FPT connections;
  • High flow-through capacity;
  • Minimal maintenance required;
  • Stock item




Custom Spool Pieces Available

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