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Air Compressor Sound Enclosures


Air Compressor Sound Enclosures

Many businesses and industries are currently using air compressors because they are a necessary for smooth daily operations. However, air compressors have also been known to cause a lot of noise which causes distraction and annoyance and even preventable health issues in a work environment. It has become a mandate for most industrial management departments to find ways to reduce the noise and improve the working environment for the employees. At Pathfinder System Inc., dealing with the noise problem can be easily solved, even if the job site moves locations, there is a solution. A sound shield can successfully be put in place in the form of an air compressor sound enclosure.

Air Compressor Sound EnclosuresThe Benefits Of An Air Compressor Sound Enclosure

There are various benefits associated with using an air compressor sound enclosure compared to using other sound reduction options in an industrial setup. Some of them are outlined below:


Pathfinder System’s Sound Enclosures immediately deal with the noise problem, instantly improving the work environment for the employees. The immediate solution to the noise problem from the air compressor will enable the workers to be more productive in their assigned areas, increasing overall productivity in the workplace. When the well being of your employees is taken car of, that will result in keeping your business running smoothly, uninterrupted by things such as urgent recruitment because of medical absences  from the workers.

Ease Of Relocation 

In the event that the job site is continuously moving location, you don’t have to worry about the noise because a Pathfinder System Air Compressor Sound Enclosure is easy to move around and erect whenever necessary. Our sound enclosures have a simple and durable construction that allows them to be moved frequently without damage. This makes it very convenient for industrial setups where the air compressor has to move from site to site.

Custom Size

Pathfinder Systems creates custom sound enclosures to meet customer requirements. The size depends on Ceiling height and the location of the compressor. Rooms with ceiling heights that are 15 ft., for example, cannot get the same size  sound enclosure as ceilings that are less than 15 ft. Some might come with a top and others may not. If the air compressor is located against a wall,  that will also determine the size. It does not matter what location or height the ceilings are, a custom size sound enclosure can be created at Pathfinder Systems Inc.to effectively deal with the noise problem and improve the work environment.

Flexible Design 

Air compressor sound enclosures do not come in a standard design for obvious reasons. The sound solution for one location might be different for another. Therefore, the flexible designs are created for that very reason, to serve different locations effectively.

With the above benefits, it is clear why investing in an air compressor sound enclosure from Pathfinder Systems Inc. is definitely beneficial in any industrial environment.

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