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Custom Sound Enclosures for Industrial Motors


Custom Sound Enclosures for Industrial Motors

Stainless Steel enclosureCustom Sound Enclosures for Industrial Motors

Noise can lower the productivity of your employees. In an industry where there is too much noise, employees risk losing their hearing. Most of the noise in the workplace is produced by industrial motors. There are techniques available that can help in reducing noise. One of the methods you can use to reduce noise produced by industrial motors is sound enclosures. Sound enclosures must be installed correctly in order to reduce noise as much as possible. Our custom sound enclosures are available to meet your exact specifications.   You should utilize an experienced company, such as Pathfinder Systems, Inc., to install the enclosures the correct way so that you will achieve great results reducing noise and increasing productivity.


Benefits of installing custom sound enclosure for industrial motors

Prevent hearing loss 

Too much noise in your factory may lead to hearing loss. The loud noise caused by industrial equipment can damage the auditory systems of your employees. You can easily avoid cases of hearing loss by deciding to install the right custom sound enclosures for your industrial motors. The enclosures are made out of materials which absorb sound that is produced during the operation of your equipment. This can help you to avoid cases where  your employees are at risk of hearing loss. The health and productivity of your employees is of utmost importance. We can assist in maximizing productivity through reducing excess noise in your industrial setting.

Reduce stress levels

Excess noise is often associated with high stress levels in the workplace. Employees who are stressed tend to be less productive.  Excess noise also increases chances of your workers being involved in accidents due to lack of concentration. The cost of installing the custom  sound enclosures for industrial motors is significantly less than the possible costs you will incur in having to treat your employees after they are involved in work related incidents. To ensure that your employees are in a safe and productive work environment, consider having sound enclosures from Pathfinder Systems Inc. installed on your industrial motors


Increase productivity

It is necessary for you to continually find ways of safely improving employee productivity.  After  installing sound enclosures, you will notice a rise in productivity. Your employees will be able to concentrate for longer periods of time in a quieter environment which leads to greater productivity and greater profit for your company.  If an increase in productivity would help your company, consider installing custom sound enclosures from Pathfinder Systems Inc.


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