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Soundproofing Industrial Equipment


Soundproofing Industrial Equipment

Soundproofing Industrial Equipment

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At Pathfinder Systems, Inc., we deal with major industrial noise coming from a variety of machinery and equipment. Our products, industrial sound enclosures, can solve that problem for any situation you may encounter at your place of business.   Certainly, high levels of noise have a huge negative impact on your employees’ morale and efficiency. According to a recent study, many workers believe that the number one factor that boosts their job performance and productivity is the ability to focus without noise or other distractions. Extremely high noise can shorten concentration span, increase fatigue and result to permanent hearing damage.

What is industrial soundproofing and how does it work

As the name suggests, industrial soundproofing is simply the process of soundproofing your machinery, equipment and/or workplace to curtail or manage dangerous levels of both in-house and outside noise. The professionals at Pathfinders Systems, Inc will use noise control material, soundproof doors and walls, and other installations to fulfill your company’s specific needs. They may also use custom-built materials depending on your particular requirements. It is best to consult these specialists for a solid noise control plan so that you can begin to enjoy the benefits of a quieter, safer working environment.

Why you must do it

All employers have a moral obligation and legal duty to provide their workers with a safe and conducive work environment. That involves shielding them from anything that could cause them harm or affect their health at the place of work. If you run an industrial company where workers face noise from large equipment, then formulating a noise management strategy is critical. According to Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, any employer operating a business under these conditions has an obligation to control the risk of hearing loss related to noise in the workplace, including :

  • Making certain the noise an employee  experiences at work does not go beyond the exposure standard for noise
  • Offering audiometric testing to an employee who constantly has to use personal hearing safeguards to protect him/herself from hearing loss related to noise exceeding the exposure standard

Obvious benefits of Pathfinder System’s Soundproofing Machinery

Weather Hood Soundproofing EnclosureEmployers should not view a suitable noise management plan for their staff as just a requirement by the law. They should also consider how it benefits the organization or what they stand to gain by implementing this strategy. There are numerous benefits of a good soundproofing of equipment, but some of the most obvious ones are:

Improved performance: As aforementioned, noise is disturbing to workers and it affects how they do their job. When it is quieter, they can concentrate and work more resourcefully. At times, even the machines themselves run more efficiently.

Increased health and safety: Workers are able to maintain their hearing, which also means they can hear alarms and warnings more vividly and act in a timely manner

Elimination of hearing loss litigation: Employees will not have grounds to sue you for damages due to hearing loss, which maintains your company’s reputation and saves you plenty of cash.

Improved quality of life: Since there is a significant reduction rate or total elimination of hearing loss, your employees will enjoy a good quality of life even after they retire.


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